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All World Stamps - News
All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 21 January 2005

Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia Faroe Islands, Finland, Gabon, Georgia, German East Africa, Germany (Includes New Issues to 2004)


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 20 January 2005

Great Britain - Queen Elizabeth II (Includes New Issues to 2004)


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 18 January 2005

Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Jersey - (Simplified), Guernsey - (Simplified).


All World Stamps - Updated Images - 13 January 2005

Great Britain - Images. New images are currently being added. You may experience some missing images from time to time.


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 10 January 2005

Kenya - (Simplified), Kenya / Uganda / Tanganyika (Tanzania) - (Simplified), Tanzania - (Simplified), Uganda - (Simplified), Israel - (Simplified)


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 04 January 2005

Penrhyn Island, Pitcairn Islands


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 07 December 2004

Cuba - Simplified (1855 to 2002), Canada, Pakistan, South Africa


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 06 December 2004

Cilicia, Ciskei, Cochin, Colombia - Simplified (1859 to 2002), Comoro Islands, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Congo Democratic Republic (Ex Zaire), Costa Rica, Croatia


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 09 November 2004

Ireland - Commonwealth Issues (Includes New Issues 2004)


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 11 October 2004

Togo - Simplified (Issues from 1897 to 1995), Caicos Islands, Cambodia, Cameroun, Canton, Cape Juby, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Verde Islands, Caroline Islands, Castelrosso, Cauca, Cavalla (Kavalla), Central African Empire, Central African Republic, Central Lithuania, Chad, Chamba, Charkhari, Chile


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 05 October 2004

Malaysia - Straits Settlements


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 04 October 2004

Barwani, Bavaria, Belarus, Belgian Congo, Belgian Occupation of Germany, Belgium, Benin, Bergedorf, Bhopal, Bhor, Bhutan, Biafra, Bijawar, Bohemia and Moravia, Bolivar, Bolivia, Bophuthatswana, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Boyaca, Brazil, Bremen, Brunswick, Buenos Aires, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Occupation of Rumania, Bundi, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Bussahir


All World Stamps - Updated Countries - 01 October 2004

Aden, Afghanistan, Aitutaki, Ajman, Aland Islands, Alaouites, Albania, Alexandretta, Algeria, Allenstein, Alsace and Lorraine, Alwar, Andorra-French, Andorra-Spanish, Angola, Angra, Anjouan, Annam and Tongking, Antioquia, Arbe, Argentine Republic, Armenia, Aruba, Austria, Austrian Territories Acquired by Italy, Azerbaijan, Azores, Baden, Bahawalpur, Bahrain, Bamra, Barbuda, Kuwait


All World Stamps - Subscription System

The subscription system is now available. Please report any problems you may have to our support team. info@allworldstamps.co.uk


January 2004

Stamp Market
The "Virtual Store" has been renamed to "Stamp Market".

Help System
We have improved the help pages to address some of the resent questions that you have been sending us.

Dealer Links and Subscription Package
We were delighted to see the much-anticipated launch of 'Dealer Links' onto the site at the end of January.

Each dealer subscription package offers you the opportunity to set up your own online stamp shop, reaching the highly active and specialised target audience that Allworldstamps.com attracts. The packages allow you to list up to 350 individual items with descriptions and prices in your shop at any one time.

Your shop will be available to all users and they can browse your stock by following a link from the homepage. This is not the only exposure your stock receives. A user can search for any stamp under the sun and if you, or anyone else, is selling that stamp the user is notified. They can then click to see the stamps available and their prices. If they so wish, the user can then contact the seller with regard to buying the stamp.

As a dealer you can update your stock as often as you wish by uploading your stock list. This gives you the option to manage the items and their prices to maximise your results.

In addition to the advertising potential you will also be able to use the site as a consumer, searching for catalogue details, viewing other dealers stock and creating a wants list. You can print the stamps details with images in a custom print window and view additional information on variations, watermarks and perforation details.


June 2003

Exchange System
We have updated the Exchange System to show your items when users are browsing the normal online catalogue. This increase exposure will promote your unwanted items. This is available to all members that are currently subscribed to the "Subscription Plus" package.

Virtual Stores
Virtual Stores are now available to all.

Help System
We have improved the help pages to address some of the resent questions that you have been sending us.


April 2003

Updated Countries
We are pleased to say that we have now updated Canada prices and information.

Updated Countries
We have now finished uploading data from our Stamps of the World 2003 Catalogue. This means that you can now access information and images on stamps for every country in the world from 1840 to Current day.


Site Redesign

We are pleased to announce that allworldstamps.com has been re-launched with a new look and feel, new functionality and significantly more information.

Many thanks to all of those who have been in contact with suggestions for improving Allworldstamps.com. We take all of your views very seriously and have introduced a number of site modifications as a direct result of your comments.

You can now search online information from our Stamps of the World Catalogue as well as information from our Commonwealth Part 1 catalogue. Already you will find hundreds of thousands of additional stamps listed, and within the next few weeks all countries will be listed and images from our Stamps of the World catalogues will be available.

We hope you enjoy the revised Allworldstamps.com which features a more user-friendly interface and greater functionality, and remember it cost from as little as 4p a day to become a member.


New Sections added to Site

Online Shop
Allworldstamps.com now has a shop where you can buy stamps direct from Stanley Gibbons and also view special offers available on any of our other sites. To enter our shop click here.

Custom Shopping List
Allworldstamps.com will generate a shopping list for you based on the stamps you have in your Wants List so you will always be aware of the stamps you want becoming available.

Exchange Program
With our new Exchange Program you are able to exchange your unwanted stamps. For more details click here.

Customer User Preferences
This new section allows you to change how Allworldstamps.com displays information. You are able to select your preferred page sizes, currency and your favourite country. To choose your preferred settings click here.

Your Searches Remembered
Allworldstamps.com remembers your last five searches and provides you with a link to display the same data again without the need to run the search again.

Featured Auctions
Allworldstamps.com will show you a featured auction on the home page or a list of auctions running on Stanleygibbons.com that matched your stamp search criteria.

Updating Countries
Allworldstamps.com will continually update and display a list of the most commonly searched countries. Stamps of the World and Part 1 catalogue data is now available to search on Allworldstamps.com. We will also be continually adding data over the coming months.

New Issue Stamps
We are also investigating ways of making our New Issues Data available on the site, again we will keep you posted on development here. Do look for the 'New Issues' header on the results pages as below will be listed countries with new issue stamps available to view on Stampcafe.com.

These additions are part of an ongoing project to place the entire Stanley Gibbons catalogue series online as quickly as possible. If you wish to be informed of when a particular country becomes available at All World Stamps, please email info@allworldstamps.co.uk

Customer Feedback
Overall the tone of your comments has been uniformly positive and helpful. You have all recognised that Allworldstamps.com is an ambitious undertaking that will prove a great asset to the philatelic community. The modifications we have made and will continually make to the design of Allworldstamps.com have inevitably slightly delayed the process of making further countries from the catalogue available online. It is vitally important, however, that the functionality of the site is entirely correct before we add large amounts of fresh information. In the long term, this is the quickest way in which we can deliver a high quality philatelic site to our customers.

Please be sure to visit this page again for all the latest Allworldstamps.com site news. If you have a particular query or comment to make, please email info@allworldstamps.co.uk We look forward to hearing from you.



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